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"If Death takes a man, it is called fate.
When Death leaves a man, it is called destiny."


Wounded in battle, a near dead Celtic warrior is taken by Viken

raiders. He is sold into a Mid-East slave market and then
dragged further east through the desert, into the ‘Middle Kingdom’
and into the hands of a warrior priest and his daughter.


Hazy images of silk, herbs, needles, potions, and steel can lead him to
only one conclusion—he has been purchased by a wizard and his witch.


And Arkthar fears for his very soul.

Under Death’s plotting eyes, a slave, a priest, and a healer
quest to save a kingdom.

A new root of Arthurian legend takes hold.

Winner 2013 USA Best Book Awards


            Visionary Fiction

The wait is over. The Raven's Warrior  is here! Thrilling and entertaining, a journey not to be missed.

​Thrilling in the extreme, The Raven's Warrior is a definite page-flipper.


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